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Rabu, 16 Juni 2010

College Assurance Plan (CAP) Unclaimed Checks

Interestingly enough, a Facebook contact was the one who brought this domino effect which led us to claiming our 8 unclaimed checks from this insurance company that once promised to shoulder all my college tuition fees no matter how far inflated the rates become compared to the time my mother signed up for the plan.

I was browsing my news feed when I saw someone post a status saying that her dad was so excited to claim a CAP check after years of waiting and follow ups. She said she saw her name on the Internet. So I googled CAP's official website but failed to find a direct link to the list of unclaimed checks there. With some more searching, I finally found what I was looking for. A long long list of names with check numbers beside them. Honestly, I felt like looking for my name in the list board exam passers. And when I found my name, turned out I passed, 8 times!

When we arrived at CAP's office in Makati early in the morning, there were already people there, some of whom are already frowning and irritable because of unavailable checks. The office was dreary and showed tell-tale signs of an institution on the brink of collapse. Sorry, but it's the impression I got from the place and even from the people working there. We claimed our checks, went to Veterans bank to encash it but then we had to go back to CAP because the checks are already stale and the administrating officer forgot to put date stamps on it, then back to the bank. All these took 6 hours of our time.

All in all, we got about 65% of what we invested more than 10 years ago. Still not enough, but better than nothing.
I noticed that a lot of plan holders are not aware that they can view the list of available checks online. Some still drop by the main office just to ask and leave quite disappointed. It's a waste of time, money and effort. I suggest visiting these sites first to know if there's a purpose to roam around Makati and their irritating one-way streets.

Official site of CAP:

Unclaimed Checks List per areas:

There are thousands of unclaimed checks waiting to be encashed. Please don't let your investment completely go to waste.

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